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Beluga Social

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Beluga Social Beluga Social Beluga Social Beluga Social Beluga Social Beluga Social

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February 25, 2024
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Publish your thoughts and keep your friends and followers informed of what you are up to. This app is ideal for publishing "tweet-like" content. All your posts are added to your Beluga feed, and a mini-website is generated and published so you can easily share with everyone, even people that don't use the app.
You can think of Beluga as a feed reader/writer. All Beluga feeds are JSON Feed compatible, so your friends can follow you on many popular RSS feed reader apps like NetNewsWire and others available on iOS.

Beluga is decentralized. We don't have any servers. So you are the owner of your data, and you can host it wherever you like.

To publish your Beluga feed and mini-website, you must have an S3-compatible object storage provider account. We currently support Amazon Web Services S3, Wasabi, Digital Ocean Spaces, Linode Objects, Backblaze B2, and DreamHost, with more to come soon.

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