Butterfly - Lesbian App

Butterfly - Lesbian App

3.2.2 của The Lesbian Dating Platform
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Butterfly - Lesbian App Butterfly - Lesbian App Butterfly - Lesbian App Butterfly - Lesbian App Butterfly - Lesbian App Butterfly - Lesbian App

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June 22, 2024
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The Lesbian Dating Platform
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Mạng Xã Hội
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Butterfly, the largest social networking service for the Hong Kong lesbian community. Butterfly provides free discussion forum and premium matching and messaging services. Join us for free and start meeting new friends and your soulmate.
We welcome women aged over 18 to join.

Butterfly was first launched in Hong Kong in 2013, and have since accumulated over 120,000 local lesbian members.

There are 3 key functions :

1. Forum - feel free to join the forum on topics of your interests. Leabians share their daily life, hobbies, love affairs, and issues on LGBTQ+, gender and sexuality.
2. Matching - find your match with customizable filters, including gender labels, outfits, zodiac signs, diet preferences, etc.
3. Stories - post your artistic creations on Butterfly to express yourself in a purely lesbian environment.

BUTTERFLY Free Services.
If you choose not to purchase BUTTERFLY APP Premium, you can still use BUTTERFLY for free.

By subscribing to Butterfly Premium Service, user can have access to features including:
1. Unlimited private messages
2. Advertisement-free interface
3. Members’ full profiles, stories, and comments.
4. Block functions
5. Matching service with advanced filter functions
6. Delete comments (but not able to delete topic)

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