Clash of Merge: Battle Game

Clash of Merge: Battle Game

1.0.7 của DragonPlus Game Limited
(0 Đánh giá) June 29, 2024
Clash of Merge: Battle Game Clash of Merge: Battle Game Clash of Merge: Battle Game Clash of Merge: Battle Game Clash of Merge: Battle Game Clash of Merge: Battle Game

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June 29, 2024
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DragonPlus Game Limited
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Games - Trò chơi
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Welcome to Clash of Merge: Top Defense War Game, make your battle plan and win unlimited war glory now!
You need to build your own world in this strategy war game. Use your strength and wisdom to fight the enemies of the dark. Join powerful alliances and plan battles with players from around the world. Spy silently, plan aggressively, and move quickly to destroy local fortifications. You are the king of this land.

Game features:
* Unique way to upgrade
You can get soldiers and buildings by simply clicking to merge, upgrading is as simple as that. Having a million-strong army has never been easier.

* A rich selection of heroes
You can't command the army, navy and air force without a strong general. Gather legendary heroes from around the world and lead the soldiers to victory.

* A grand battle scene
Heroes from all over the world fight at the same time, feel the real war up close. Call the battle plan, immediate response, hit the target. Rich strategies and tactics are at hand.

* Build an exclusive base
Start with an island, build a variety of buildings, and lay out your military architecture to show off your unique design ideas.

* Open World Exploration
No matter where you build a military base, you can browse across the globe. Everything you see, you can conquer. Building military bases and dominating the world is not a dream in this game.

Clash of Merge is a combination of tower merge and real-time strategy.
Commander, join the Clash of Merge now! Build your army and restore the glory of victory.

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