DNArt for DeviantArt

DNArt for DeviantArt

4.0.1 của Simple & clean DeviantArt app
(0 Đánh giá) May 21, 2024
DNArt for DeviantArt DNArt for DeviantArt DNArt for DeviantArt DNArt for DeviantArt DNArt for DeviantArt DNArt for DeviantArt

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May 21, 2024
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Simple & clean DeviantArt app
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Mạng Xã Hội
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DNArt is a simple and intuitive DeviantArt App.
Features highlight

- Download DeviantArt pictures to your device, the downloaded deviations are added to an album named "DNArt" which is automatically created. You can therefore sync the album with your iTunes to share your preferred deviations between all your devices.

- Browse DeviantArt content by popularity to get the best creations of the moment, available time filters are:
- 8 hours
- 24 hours
- 3 days
- 1 week
- 1 month
- all time

- Browse Deviantart content by category to get only what you are interested in, like:
- manga
- photography
- design
- digital art
- traditional art
- .... and more

- Add your favourites deviations in your DeviantArt favourites collections.

- Follow/watch you favourite artists to get their last creations in your profile watch feed. You will also get their last journal entries to know their events (like a live drawing session)

- Comment, exchange with other users, give your thought about Deviations through each deviation comments thread.

- Exchange directly with an artist by sending him a message on his profile, or on his journal entries.

- Access an artist profile to browse only his/her creations or/and to get more infos about him/her like:
- his/her speciality
- his/her personal website
- his/her biography
- ... and more

Feel free to send me an email for suggestions or remarks : yatera.dev@outlook.com

Privacy policy : https://www.deviantart.com/yatera7/art/DNArt-Iphone-682782329

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