feather for Mastodon

feather for Mastodon

1.11.0 của Nimble mastodon application
(0 Đánh giá) April 16, 2024
feather for Mastodon feather for Mastodon feather for Mastodon feather for Mastodon

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Phiên bản
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April 16, 2024
Nhà phát triển
Nimble mastodon application
Thể Loại
Mạng Xã Hội
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29.1 MB
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feather for Mastodon is an app that renews your Mastodon experience. It pursues comfort and customization, offering a Mastodon world that fits perfectly in your hands.
◆◇ Unlock Infinite Possibilities with Multi-Account Support ◇◆

Do you have multiple accounts? With its multi-account support, feather allows you to instantly check all your timelines.

◆◇ Stylish Themes ◇◆

feather currently offers 10 stylish themes. You can easily set them according to your preferences at any time.

◆◇ Customize Tabs for Your Own Unique Mastodon Experience ◇◆

Add a variety of timelines to your tabs, not just Home, including hashtags and lists, and create your own Mastodon app. You can explore Mastodon, perfectly tailored to your preferences.

◆◇ Customizable Swipe Actions ◇◆

feather does not place buttons such as favorites and boosts on each post in order to display many posts on the screen.
Instead, you can quickly perform these actions by swiping left or right on the posts.
Swipe actions are customizable, so you can set them to frequently used actions according to your preference.

You can also perform actions with other accounts by long-pressing the favorite or boost button.

◆◇ High-functionality Posting Screen ◇◆

feather supports a wide range of Mastodon posts, allowing you to smoothly express your thoughts and communicate more effectively.

These features are supported:

- Account switching
- Draft function
- Image attachment
- Scheduled posts
- Voting function
- @(mention), #(hashtag), emoji input completion
- NowPlaying with currently playing music, artwork input
- Post re-editing

◆◇ Following Customized Server Functions ◇◆

It also supports the features of servers that have been uniquely extended, like fedibird.com (such as reactions). While it does not support all features, we plan to gradually follow-up based on user requests.

◆◇ Supports streaming of timelines ◇◆

Streaming of Home, Hashtag, Local, and Federated timelines is supported.
By enabling streaming, you can view new posts in real time without having to do a pull refresh.

◆◇ Special Experience with Supporter Plan ◇◆

Are you seeking a clean Mastodon experience without ads? By joining the Supporter Plan, you can remove ads. Additionally, we plan to add new features exclusive for supporters in the future.

Currently available supporter-exclusive features:

- Removal of banner ads
- Receive push notifications for favorites, boosts, etc.

Download feather for Mastodon now, and freely, joyfully, and fully immerse yourself in the world of Mastodon!

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