Libon - Calls and Recharge

Libon - Calls and Recharge

6.14 của International calls & Top up
(0 Đánh giá) February 25, 2024
Libon - Calls and Recharge Libon - Calls and Recharge Libon - Calls and Recharge Libon - Calls and Recharge Libon - Calls and Recharge Libon - Calls and Recharge

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February 25, 2024
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International calls & Top up
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Mạng Xã Hội
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Stay close to your loved ones around the world with Libon. Call international landlines and cell phones with high quality at the best price. Send mobile and Data recharge without any hidden fees and enjoy every promotion and bonus.Make it easy for your family and top up their electricity account.
Libon international calls:
Unlike other call apps, only the person who calls needs to install Libon. The person who receives the call will only have to pick up the phone

How to call with Libon?
=> Download the app on your smartphone and set up your account
=> Top-up your account by credit card through the app or cash in shops
=> Dial your correspondent's number or choose in your contacts’ list
=> Your correspondent receives the call

Your international calls with Libon:
- No credit expiry date
- No SIM swap
- Per second billing
- No connection fee nor hidden costs
- No commitment
- Calls to +160 destinations in the world: Mali, Senegal, Ivory Coast, Philippines, Angola, Madagascar, Burkina Faso, Nigeria, Ghinea, Cameroun, DR Congo, Mauritania, Ghana…

How to send Top up?
With Libon you can send mobile credit to top up your mobiles’ friends and family, and you can also recharge their data to enjoy internet on their phones
=> Choose the phone number and the amount to top-up
=> Pay Securely on the app
=> The top up is credited for the receiver

Your Top up with Libon:
- Unlike other competitors, you know how much you are going to pay at the beginning, there are no additional costs during the purchase. The credit is received in few minutes.
- Secure payment
- Quick receiving
- No hidden costs: you will pay the exact displayed price
- Many destinations in Africa, Europe, Asia, Middle-East, South America, Maghreb…
- A large choice of operators: Orange Mali, Orange Senegal, Orange Ivory Coast, Malitel Mali, Orange Guinea, MTN Ivory Coast, Free Senegal, Tigo Senegal, Orange Burkina Faso, Orange Madagascar, Moov Ivory Coast, Orange Mali, MTN Guinea, Orange Democratic Republic of Congo, Mauritel Mauritania, Orange Burkina Faso…

Your electricity top up with Libon:
You can Top up your family’s electricity wherever you are: no need to top up in store. They can enter the code securely and quickly on their electricity meter

How to top up electricity:
=> Choose the phone number and the amount to top-up
=> Enter the recipient’s meter number & confirm the purchase
=> Send the generated code to your recipient

With Libon, call and provide for your family
Our mission is to keep you closer to your home country
Enjoy cheap calls whenever you want with our minutes offers or unlimited packs
Support your family and top up their mobile, internet or electricity account

Libon is also a community of more than 1 million users
Join our Facebook page for updates and news (promotions, transfer bonus...) and stay connected to your diaspora https://www.facebook.com/libon.fan
Our support team is also available on Whatsapp https://bit.ly/3gOYUWW

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