Mica Town:My Store

Mica Town:My Store

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Mica Town:My Store Mica Town:My Store Mica Town:My Store Mica Town:My Store Mica Town:My Store Mica Town:My Store

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July 09, 2024
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FGames Studio
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Games - Trò chơi
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Come to Mica Town: My Store to experience the lovely store life of Kuromi!
Run your barbecue drink shop, cute clothing store, create a new city with multiple Store!
Delicious grilled chicken pizza, succulent burger cutlets and sweet, freshly baked eggs....... A variety of delicious dishes waiting for you to discover, but also can develop exclusive recipes!

☆ Operating supermarket stores: healthy and delicious fruits and vegetables products, delicious potato chips candy, supermarket stores have many new shelves!
☆ Decorate the cabin: You can decorate and decorate your cabin anytime! Go to the furniture store to purchase some, add aromatherapy candles, small table ☆ lamps and so on happiness small items!
☆ Fashion personality wardrobe: daily, everything, Hanfu, dress, more have a variety of exquisite accessories, by you to choose!
☆ Holiday time: With bestie, family to enjoy the family food leisure time!! Enjoy all kinds of food, cakes and desserts! You can also go to the swimming pool to play in the water, walk around with friends, listen to beautiful music!

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