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February 11, 2024
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Monetize your audience
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Forget the hassle of running your paid Telegram groups and WhatsApp groups. Monetize your Telegram and WhatsApp groups with the Rigi App. Download the app now. It’s 100% free with all the features that you always wanted.
Monetize Your Online Community

Rigi brings an unparalleled opportunity for you to monetize your community with the gentle tap of your fingers. All you need to have is the potential to advance your skills and find a market for your activities. By using advanced technology, we make it easy to collect & disburse online payments and other redundant activities like community management on WhatsApp and Telegram for creators, so that they can focus on creating good quality content through the Rigi app.

Rigi App Features

You can create both paid and free WhatsApp and Telegram groups through the Rigi app. You can also create and sell courses and host secure webinars with only authenticated attendees. Depending on your requirements, you can create a Telegram channel as well. You can share Telegram group links with your community for better reach and maximum earning. WhatsApp and Telegram groups are also an active way to stay connected to your community 24/7.

• Run paid WhatsApp and Telegram groups

• Automated member addition and removal, along with subscription reminders

• Create unlimited course/learning guides and sell them online

• Publish and distribute course/guides from your phone

• Host secure webinars with only authenticated attendees

• Create pay-to-view/locked content, shareable anywhere

• Special focus on aspiring creators who struggle because of low-income opportunities

• Privacy optimized, No screenshots allowed.

Why Rigi App?

• Customizable subscription plans

• Member information is kept hidden

• Multiple secure payment options

• Customers do not need to install any apps

• Attendees must be authenticated

• There are no additional fees.

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