SpyChat: Invisible Chat

SpyChat: Invisible Chat

7.9.0 của Simple. Secure. Reliable‪.‬
(0 Đánh giá) April 16, 2024
SpyChat: Invisible Chat SpyChat: Invisible Chat SpyChat: Invisible Chat SpyChat: Invisible Chat SpyChat: Invisible Chat SpyChat: Invisible Chat

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April 16, 2024
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Simple. Secure. Reliable‪.‬
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Mạng Xã Hội
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SpyChat: No phone number required, anonymity. Send text and voice, share photos without revealing your number. Traffic is encrypted. Delete, and there are no traces
We invite you to install the most secure messenger for communication – no registration or SMS, no tracking of message status or sending time, no access to the data on your smartphone. We guarantee complete anonymity of data: each chat is encrypted with a unique QR code

Important features of the SpyChat mobile app:

− Non-recurring keys unique from chat to chat.
− Impossibility of identification. Even the creators of the app will not be able to decrypt encrypted chats and get information about senders and recipients.
− The keys cannot be intercepted or stolen. The cipher is transmitted between devices via camera scanning a unique password protected QR code – it exists on the screen for only 2 seconds and does not enter the network.
− No message status or sending time. SpyChat does not know when you sent the message and whether the recipient read it – omitting this unnecessary information excludes the possibility of leaking or copying classified data.
− Messages are stored on the server in an encrypted form. The app allows deleting the entire chat and all the messages at once as well as individual messages. And there’s nothing left anywhere.
− No registration. SpyChat is the only app that does not ask for your phone number, email, geolocation or access to the phone book.

Who needs the SpyChat mobile app:

The app is right for everyone who cares about protecting personal information. Among them are:

− Introverts
− Lovers
− Business owners
− Freelancers
− Lawyers
− Anyone sharing confidential data

All we want to know about our users is nothing.

We created SpyChat for confidential and secure communication. So we deprived any third parties, including ourselves, of the opportunity to get even the tiniest piece of information about the users. Our messenger will keep your correspondence in utmost secrecy.

Install the SpyChat mobile app right now – restrict access to private information and protect yourself online!

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