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2.13.1 của Second number, call & talk now
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Text App Number - Text Now Text App Number - Text Now Text App Number - Text Now Text App Number - Text Now Text App Number - Text Now Text App Number - Text Now

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June 23, 2024
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Second number, call & talk now
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Get text phone number for unlimited FREE calls & texts. Stay connected effortlessly without any extra costs. Start your call & text now!
TalkNow (fka Text Master) provides FREE text phone number for unlimited WiFi calls and cost-effective international calls. No cell minutes used, no roaming fees – just simple, affordable global communication.

◆ Add New Text Number
TalkNow allows you to obtain a secondary virtual phone number without an additional device. You can even choose your preferred area code for a personalized local touch.

◆ Text Message App
Stay constantly connected with your clients, teams, and contacts through our text messaging app. With TalkNow, you can send and receive texts, share pictures, and even participate in group messaging. This ensures no communication gap in your professional interactions.

◆ Unlimited Texting and Calling
TalkNow is not restricted to text messages alone. It extends its functionality to high-quality voice calls, ensuring crystal clear communication whenever you need it.

◆ Business-centric Features
With TalkNow installed on your iPhone, your device transforms into a full-featured business phone, designed and optimized to cater for all your professional communication needs.

TalkNow takes your privacy seriously. Your 2nd phone number is completely distinct from your personal number, ensuring anonymity in communications. You can engage in business and personal interactions without having to worry about privacy breaches.

Start your first text now and take control of your communications with second phone number app. Enjoy the ease of managing your professional and personal interactions separately, all on a single device. With TalkNow, experience privacy like never before, while staying connected to the world around you!

Privacy Policy: https://text-master-ios.web.app/privacy_policy.html
Terms of Use: https://text-master-ios.web.app/terms_of_use.html

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