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Wacheck - Online Tracker

2.0 của Track Last Seen & Usage
(0 Đánh giá) February 12, 2024
Wacheck - Online Tracker Wacheck - Online Tracker Wacheck - Online Tracker Wacheck - Online Tracker

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February 12, 2024
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Track Last Seen & Usage
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Mạng Xã Hội
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Keep your family members and loved ones safe with the Wacheck app.
Keep your family members and loved ones safe with the Wacheck app.

Wacheck allows you to have detailed statistics about the social media activities of your loved ones and helps you understand that your family members are safe with their detailed online status activities.

Get detailed and verified statistics and see the status of your loved ones in the virtual world.

In today's technology age, most of our lives are spent by various social media applications and surfing the Internet, mostly young people spend a lot of time on the Internet. You can ensure the safety of your family, which is the most important thing you are responsible for as a parent, with a parental control application such as Wacheck.
If you often worry about what your family members or loved ones are doing on social media, are they constantly in danger? Wacheck is a great app designed just for you.

It's not just safety issues that we're talking about here. If you have tiny family members who need to sleep, they sometimes get tempted by the social world, even if their top priority is to get a good night's sleep and go to school. Wacheck is with you to make sure they are doing what is really good for their healthy life and many more.

Wacheck will provide you with the virtual world activities and phone statistics of your family members and loved ones. You can see what they do and how much time they spend in the virtual world. You can use graphical charts and have detailed information about their activities so that you can easily see them at once.

Add the number of one of your family members or loved ones. After adding the number of the person whose statistics and graphics you want to view, all reports are shown.

- Advanced security and privacy promise, all the information you save is safe with us on our servers. It will be deleted instantly as you cancel your subscription.
- Detailed reports with visual graphics and detailed statistics it provides.
- Easier access to the information you are looking for with the detailed date filtering system you can use.
- Detailed graphical reporting to see everything at a glance.
- You can follow multiple family members.
- You can receive custom set and silent notifications.
- You can use all the features easily with its very easy to use and simple interface.

With the Wacheck application, prevent anything from happening to your family members and loved ones, remember that you do not interfere in their personal lives, all you do is make sure they are not harmed. If the safety of your family members is your biggest responsibility, then Wacheck is for you, so start using this Safe and Easy-to-Use Parental Control app.

About Subscription
Wacheck includes paid subscriptions. Prices may vary by country. You can cancel your weekly or monthly subscription in iTunes settings at least 24 hours before the end of the subscription period. Subscription payments will be charged at iTunes at confirmation of your purchase and after the beginning of its renewal period.

Privacy Policy: https://wacheck.net/privacy
EULA: https://wacheck.net/terms

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