WhenSeen - Online Tracker

WhenSeen - Online Tracker

1.0.9 của WhenSeen Family Monitor
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WhenSeen - Online Tracker WhenSeen - Online Tracker

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July 10, 2024
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WhenSeen Family Monitor
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** WheenSeen - App Usage and Reporting**
WheenSeen is an application designed to help parents closely monitor and understand their children's App usage. It provides detailed reports on the time spent on App, allowing parents to better manage their children's digital world.

Dear users, you will have access to the following features by having a subscription to any of the application subscriptions, weekly or monthly or yearly.


1. **App Usage Reports:** WheenSeen provides detailed reports on how much time your child spends on the App application. By observing when they are most active, you can gain insights into your child's online habits.

2. **Parental Controls:** Take control of App usage by setting specific time intervals or daily time limits. This feature is ideal for focusing on school hours or bedtime routines.

3. **Monthly Analysis:** Track how your child's App usage changes over time with monthly reports. This provides you with more visibility to maintain a healthy digital balance within your family.

4. **Privacy and Security:** WheenSeen prioritizes the privacy and security of both parents and children. Data is stored securely and not shared with third parties.

With WheenSeen, monitor your child's App usage closely and help them develop healthy digital habits. Contribute to maintaining a balanced digital lifestyle for your family.

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